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International Conference on Sensory Issues and Disability

International Conference on Sensory Issues and Disability

Paris, France
17.3.2016 – 19.3.2016

On March 17th and 18th, 2016: in the wake of these first two conferences on Sensory Issues and Disability, INS HEA is organizing a new scientific and professional event focusing on the sense of Touch. Spurred by Dr Nathalie Lewi-Dumont, the international conference “Touch to learn, touch to communicate” will take place at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris.

Topics will include the effects of senses on perception, cognition, emotion, behavior; the links between touch, learning and memory; and the implications of research on special adjustments for people with disabilities, particularly visually-impaired or blind people.

On March 19th, the conference will be followed by an event open to the general public organized by our partner Universcience, including workshops and demonstrations on the sense of Touch. This will coincide with the “Semaine du Cerveau” (a week of scientific events organized by the French society for Neuroscience)

Show how the use of touch, interacting with other senses and with language, may foster learning processes, autonomy and access to culture
Identify current scientific knowledge about in this field
Allow participants to meet and exchange views, whether they are researchers (psychology, neurrosciences, education, language and information sciences…) or professionals (teachers, educators, museum mediators, clinical psychologists…)

Contact information:

For any practical question, please email severine.maillet@inshea.fr or olivia.brachet@inshea.fr

For any scientific question, please email nathalie.lewi-dumont@inshea.fr

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